Business intelligence

We offer various business intelligence services such as dashboard creation (Tableau, Power BI, etc.), advanced business analytics, reporting. Our actionable insights allow you to focus on driving your core business activities and leave all data deep dives to us.

Data science

We cater to all kinds of data science projects such as forecasting, prediction, segmentation, classification, recommender systems, fraud detection, text analytics, sentiment analysis, computer vision, etc.

Data consulting

Unsure what data to capture in your business? Not aware of the best data tools and technologies for your specific business? Have data but don't know how to use it? Want to build/scale an in-house data team? Just tell us your data problem, and we'll help you figure out the most optimum solutions to make the data work for you.


We help clients quantify and measure the impact of their social media activities. Our solutions include social listening, campaign analytics, posts performance analytics, brand performance on social media, sentiment analysis, benchmarking reports, crisis management, reputation management,etc.

MESSAGING analytics

We help clients understand the impact of customer outreach campaigns via email, SMS, push notifications. Along with standard KPIs of send rate, open rate, and click rate, we take it further to analyze the impact on further downstream metrics such as engagement, feature adoption, purchases and renewals.

Digital Marketing ANALYTICS

Are your digital marketing agencies running campaigns efficiently or wasting money? How can your targeting be refined further to get better conversion and ROI? Which channels are giving the best results? How to setup Google Ads with Google Analytics?

We offer analytics solutions for all digital marketing and performance marketing services to help improve your marketing KPIs (ROAS, CRO, CAC, etc.). We also partner with multiple digital marketing agencies and can help you select the best one as per your needs.