Case Studies

Headcount Forecasting for E-COMMERCE GIANT

An automated headcount forecasting model for e-commerce company with 85%+ accuracy in forecasts delivered 70% savings in manual efforts.

Engagement INCREASE for OTT player

A deep-dive framework for customer engagement funnel drove 5 percentage points increase in the engagement rate.

Omni-CHANNEL ANALYTICS For edtech firm

Omni-channel (Email/SMS) analytics helped in finer targeting, drove savings of more than INR 1 Million.

social media analytics for OTT

Social media bench marking against competitor helped a media aggregator increase their share of voice by 50%. 

tableau dashboards for payments firm

Fully automated tableau dashboards reduced 60% of manual efforts allowing faster data-driven decisions.


Unlock opportunity of INR 50+ Crore (USD 6.1M +) via cross-selling and up-selling derived from Market Basket Analysis